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We are able to manufacture internally:

• tanks in PP (polypropylene)

vasche in PP e PVC

• tanks in PVC

vasche in ferro rivestite in PVC
• tanks in stainless steel and iron
• automatic travelling lifts carro traslatore carro traslatore_due

• extractor fans

• scrubbers abbattimento fumi
• drops and chrome separators cromo
• titanium anode baskets cestelli titanio

• titanium heating/cooling coils

serpentine in titanio per riscaldamento e raffreddamento

• any PVC and PP parts on customer's specifications

Moreover, we are able to provide essential facilities and accessories to complete any customer's plant like:

• copper and brass wedges and bell supports cunei e campane in rame e ottone
• rotors rotobarili della PFG
• resistance heaters riscaldatori
• filter-pumps pompe filtro
• reservoirs for liquids serbatoi  


•centrifugal dryers elettroaspiratori centrifughi  
• blowers  
• frames telai
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